What Makes Us Different

The Point of Being Different is Being Better

Multifab Manufacturing is a different type of American manufacturing company. What makes us different?

A High-Tech Business with Heart

From our most experienced engineer to the newest technician on our production line, Multifab’s commitment to precision manufacturing is inherent in everyone who works here. Manufacturing is often a high-turnover industry. But not here. 40% of our staff has worked at Multifab for over 10 years. Some employees have solved customer manufacturing needs here for over 30 years.

It's not only our staff that is committed to Multifab Manufacturing. We have many customers who have worked with us since inception. As their company’s product designers retire or move on, the company (and the new replacement) stay with Multifab. We consider that an honor that we take very seriously.

Solving Challenges One Customer at a Time

We also receive business from new customers, many of which have experienced problems with another manufacturing company. They appreciate the ease of working with Multifab, our flexibility, and our willingness to solve their manufacturing challenges through custom manufacturing solutions developed just for them.

Many Services Under One (Big) Roof

Another Multifab Manufacturing difference is the depth of services we offer in-house. Consulting, tooling, manufacturing, value-added services, freight consolidation and same-day packaging services happen right here. No need to track down other suppliers or vendors, or struggle when one provider “passes the buck” to the other. When the project goes perfectly, we take credit. If there’s a hitch in the process, we take care of it.

Friends in High Places

Multifab Manufacturing is a member of:

SPI (Society of the Plastics Industry)
NAM (National Association of Manufacturers)
SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers)
NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association)

Our participation and leadership in these organizations shows our commitment to the manufacturing industry and dedication to delivering manufacturing best practices to our customers.

These are the things that make Multifab Manufacturing different.